Friday, August 18, 2017

Welcome to the Porters Point School Library!

Hello! Konichiwa! Guten Tag! Hola! Ahalan! Ciao! Namaste! Bonjour! Zdravo!

Click here to read: Library Welcome Letter to Parents

Welcome to our library at Porters Point School! There are exciting learning opportunities awaiting us! I look forward to having you participate in our amazing space! 

You will have access to many great books! You will also have the opportunity to enjoy listening to great stories, to share good books, to discover information, and to participate in our Red Clover Book program. We have databases to investigate, computer coding to learn, and a makerspace to process your creative thoughts.

Come read and learn! There is so much to discover! We look forward to having you spend time in our school library!
As you read...think, create, share, and grow at Porters Point! We look forward to taking this journey with you! Welcome and for those returning...Welcome back!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Jump Start for Reading
at the Porters Point School Library

 Once there were three middle school students who had an idea for a community service project.   It was called “Jump Start for Reading.” We are looking forward to sharing this service at the Porters Point School in June and are seeking your support. The project’s goal is to send home a book with each student at the end of the school year! During the month of May, collection boxes labeled “Jump Start for Reading” will be placed outside the school library and at the school entrance to collect books in good condition that are no longer needed at home. In library classes, students will be able to choose books to read over the summer months and keep as their own if they so wish! So as you accomplish any “spring cleaning” please feel free to drop your weeded books into our boxes! They can be picture or chapter books for kindergarten through second grade level. Our sincere thanks and appreciation for your consideration!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Year Library News!

*Extra reading logs are available in the library.*

As the new year begins, we are quite busy in the library! All of our students are participating in Vermont's Red Clover book program. We continue to book share the Red Clover books with The Blue Whale written by Jenni Desmond. Sullie and Spencer drew an amazing blue whale for our research board!

Agent IIM has visited the library and is helping us to learn seven steps in the research process. We have used our literary nonfiction book, The Blue Whale, to help us in our research! Students in second grade are also creating their blue whales in art class! The question we are researching is: "If you see a whale, how would you know it is a blue whale?"

We have used a variety of sources to gather our facts. We are now organizing them by sorting the facts into categories. We learned how to use PebbleGo. You can access this database from home if you go to our library website on the Porters Point School Teachers Pages.

In other library news, our second graders continue to attempt to build the longest cantilever at our library design challenge. Andrew currently holds the record with a 33 inch cantilever!

 We also continue to add new books to our collection. Here are some of our favorites!

Finally, we continue to read and share!

We hope to see you visiting our space when you are in the building. We have a great center of learning at the PPS library!